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Size: L: 100cm (Suitable for 3 year old and older)

This is only a reference age. Moms and dads can be based on Choose your child’s height.

Description: The old mop cotton and wood rods are combined with plastic parts and are very strong. They will not rust because of long-term soaking. When we use mops for children, we don’t need to dip the mop into the bucket and wring it out to wring it. This is too difficult for children. We only need to show the children how to wipe the water when there is water on the ground. To dry and mop the ground, we usually use the horizontal “8” motion. If the mop is wet after use, we can hang it up. Take a small bucket or basin below, and let the child take care of it. You can wring it out. Newly obtained mops We recommend parents to wash and dry them once more so that the water absorption effect is better.